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Are your products authentic?

Are your products authentic?

We go through a meticulous process to guarantee the authenticity of the items we feature on Genuine Authentic Brand. Our authenticity professionals have over a decade of experience in the authentication of luxury goods. All vendors featured on Genuine Authentic Brand have been visited by our team and been approved to offer their authentic inventory on our platform.

Our resale products are verified by means such as machine learning technology, digital authentication, in-hand verification, or a combination of the same. By doing so, we seek to ensure the product you purchase is both authentic and as described.

To support our verification process, we have logged hundreds of thousands of data points on our products to help define their authenticity. Additionally, our team of authentication specialists goes through mandatory training and inspects details from the label to stitching, texture to color, and so much more.


We marked it with our Logo Genuine Authentic Brand. You'll receive an item with Genuine Authentic Card certifies and authorized by us that the product you will receive is 100% Genuine and Authentic Brand.

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